BowenWork™ Bowen Atlanta

Allows Your Body To Heal Itself


What a Few BowenWork™ Clients Say

“… heartfelt thanks for all Bowen has done for me physically… healing and pain reduction in my knee… and emotionally there was an incredible transformation.” – Tom

“… back hurt in accident … after just 4 sessions of BowenWork™ I was pain-free. My restless leg syndrome is gone. I’m able to golf again!” – Robert

“… neck, shoulder & back troubled me for years… nothing relieved the pain… after one treatment of BowenWork™, the relief was astounding & then the 2nd treatment removed the pain completely.” – Eric

“… shoulder, TMJ & neck pain… within 4 sessions of BowenWork™ out of pain… mobility levels increased… also allergies, and attitude improved.” – Denise

“… the BowenWork™ has achieved results for me that more than 5 years physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic… even surgery failed to deliver for back pain/disc relief.” – Dale

Josh -- "intense & crippling neck, jaw, back and knee pains from athletics and serious accident

"...Anyone who is experiencing daily aches or pains of any kind should consider this simple, non-invasive technique (BowenWork) to help steer their body in the right direction. Sandra has been a blessing in my life and she is the ultimate professional. She is very caring and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the application of BowenWork. I would recommend her to anyone!

FIVE full sessions

Knees = nothing short of miraculous

Neck & Shoulder Pain = gone.

New Person – not felt this way in 8 years

Mentally & Physically – improving all aspects of my life

TMJ = Pain so much improved


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