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Pluck Away The Pain

By Victoria Bowmann, PhD

   There is an Australian treatment of plucking the muscles called Bowen Therapy. The primary objective is to remove pain and conditions by restoring the structural integrity of the body. It is a powerful modality, which addresses the neural (nerves) and the structure (bones) of the body by stimulating the different levels of the nervous system: central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous system.

   The philosophy of this therapy is that the body is a self-regulating energetic system that will continue to regulate itself as long as it has the reserve energy necessary to do so. As the technique releases the imbalances throughout the body, there will be a direct impact on the proper functioning of the various systems of the body.

   The fundamental technique used in this work is frequently compared to "strumming the muscles" as one would a stringed instrument such as a guitar or cello. Sometimes the ends of the muscles (origins or insertions) are plucked, sometimes the belly of the muscles. These moves vary in strength, but a light touch is typical. There are frequent and important pauses (generally 2 minutes) between each series of moves giving the body time to benefit from each sequence.

   This technique is one of remarkable simplicity and much of the difficulty around accepting its efficacy lies with accepting that such a minimalist approach can be so beneficial, especially when one is used to extensive amounts of hands on therapy. ''Less is more" is the motto of many Bowen therapists. I consider this "Body work without the work" because of the response many have had to this treatment.

   The real brilliance of this work is in the automatic reintegration of the body. A process of unraveling begins with the treatment and extends for up to 7 days, when the body goes into a holding pattern. Another session restarts the unraveling. Frequently, only a few sessions are needed to see significant results. Clients report similar patterns of release, with a deep sense of relaxation and change taking place.

   Bowen Therapy will cure nothing -- it is simply a process that enables the body to regulate itself.

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